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Jesus, we are here

District Elder Turino gathered children of Pre-School Sunday, Sunday School and Religious School from Banyumas Region to participate in Banyumas Children’s Day activities on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at STT Soteria Baturraden, Purwokerto. Special divine service for children became the beginning of the activity. Apostle Samuel Hadiwidagdo ministered with the passage from Colossians 2:6-7 “As […]

Saling Menopang

“Dadi siji” in Soerakarta Youth Night 2017

‘Dadi siji’ (from the local Javanese language: being one) means being united and having one purpose. In the dynamics of today’s conditions, young people are expected to become one, more united, stronger in fellowship and not easily scattered by the power of the evil one. Through the motto and the biblical basis of Acts 4:32, […]


Community is Online: Issue 04/2017

Our magazine “community” No. 4/2017 has been published and can be downloaded from this Webpage. Print copies will be distributed in the congregations. Also this number offers good Christian reading. An editorial and report of a divine service by Chief Apostle Schneider. Reports from America, Asia and a children’s corner besides interesting elaborations on doctrinal […]


International Day of Prayer for Peace

On 21st September we observe the International Day of Prayer for Peace. Together for PEACE, Respect, safety and dignity for all goes this year’s message of the United Nation. Christians remember the famous greetings of Jesus: PEACE BE WITH YOU. Yet also the Psalmist desired the city of Jerusalem be filled with peace and salvation […]


Fellowship and Cooperation: Youth Day of East DKI

The young people of East DKI (Jakarta) District were leaving for a moment the fatigue of the capital city by attending outbound activities which also aimed to strengthen the fellowship and cooperation among them. On Sunday morning, August 27, 2017 young people from all congregations in East DKI gathered in Pelita Desa, Ciseeng, Bogor, West […]


District Apostle served in Semarang

The District Apostle Urs Hebeisen’s visit to the Pantura District on 19-20 August 2017 began with a special service for ministers and wives of Pantura, Saturday 19 August 2017 and then a divine service on Sunday 20 August 2017. Both were located in Semarang church. Based on the passage of Matthew 28:19,20, the District Apostle […]


Pinang Ranti’s 18th Birthday

Who does not know about contests of eating cracker, balloon dancing or putting pencil in bottle? In the celebration of Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, they are legendary. These contests were also played by Pinang Ranti congregation to commemorate its birthday. Eighteen years ago, on August 11, 1999, the Pinang Ranti congregation was […]


Sharing in love

Love is incomplete if it was in the form of theory alone. Love must be manifested in reality. This is what has moved young people of the New Apostolic Church of the Pantura District during the Youth Day (HKM) event held at the Sokawangi congregation, Pemalang. They want to be closer to members of the […]

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District Minister’s Meeting in Bandung

On Friday, July 21, 2017 in Bandung, there was a meeting of representatives of the New Apostolic Church of Indonesia. In accordance with the New Apostolic Church Indonesia’s articles of association, the participants of the representatives’ meeting (RPW) are all the organs of the Governing Body of the New Apostolic Church of Indonesia (BP-GKBI) and […]

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Tight agenda on the “island of thousand rivers”

8 divine services in 8 days, through land-sea-air journeys, that described Apostle Samuel Hadiwidagdo’s trip along with his entourage to serve the children of God on Borneo Island, the third biggest island in the world. Apostle started his service in Brunei Muara congregation, Bandar Seri Begawan (9/7) and administered a wedding blessing to a different-nationality […]

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