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Website Development Meeting

national — August 19, 2010

BANDUNG. Saturday, August 14, 2010 the contributors from various districts of the New Apostolic Church Indonesia were invited to New Apostolic Church Office Indonesia - Bandung, to attend Website Development Meeting. This meeting was attended by 13 people (except David Witono-Java and Bali, Edi Sutrisno-Jambi and Keefe-DKI Jakarta), discusses various things to enhance our church's official website http://www.nac-indonesia.org.

District Evangelist Tri Bensya Hardani with the contributors

District Evangelist Tri Bensya Hardani with the contributors

Meeting was opened with prayer by Bishop Samuel Handoyo Tansahtikno. He gave directives regarding the recent developments where the number of blogs or personal websites that "illegally" use New Apostolic Church institution name. This is quite disturbing and need to be regulated, in order to maintain the good name of the New Apostolic Church institution of Indonesia.

This meeting consisted of two sessions:

The first session contains nac-indonesia.org development plan which includes:

  • additional addresses and maps of each congregation
  • nac-indonesia.org need to be redesigned to have more Indonesia look and feel as expected by the District Apostle Hebeisen
  • preparation of sub-domain asianyouthday2011.nac-indonesia.org to support the upcoming Asian Youth Day event on 1-3 April 2011
  • adding features such as RSS, Facebook like buttons, Facebook Fan Page, video, mp3, photo gallery and information from other contributors in the area.
  • since we already have the official website nac-indonesia.org then called upon to make no personal websites or blogs that aspire-call or use the name or symbol of the New Apostolic Church.

The second session is from Priest William about how the contributors can operate the http://www.nac-indonesia.org CMS (Content Management System). Expected to be a lot of the latest articles on the website of our church from the districts that exist in the territory of the New Apostolic Church Indonesia.

At the end of this meeting, we took a picture for a keepsake. Meeting closed with prayer by District Evangelist Tri Bensya Hardani.

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